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Calgary-ACTS Theatre Email List

Have you ever missed an audition because you did not know when it was? Have you ever missed a show that you really wanted to see but you did not know the dates? Do you want to be kept informed? You can have all this and more.

Calgary-ACTS wants to make sure everyone gets the same accurate information and at the same time. The “Theatre List” has been running since 2003 and will complement the information on the Calgary-ACTS website (Events Calendar and Member Directory), and is a valuable source of information on what is happening in community theatre.

No recipients email address will ever be disclosed. If you have any questions, suggestions or problems with the subscription forms please send an email to the Theatre List.

You may be added or removed from any list at any time.

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Theatre List Guidelines

In order to keep the Theatre email list targeted, a few rules have been put in place. Please remember that the list is to communicate messages pertaining to the theatre industry (auditions, shows, workshops, call for props, volunteers, etc).

There must be a contact name and email address
All messages are forwarded by the Calgary-Acts Theatre List. Please do not contact us regarding the message. Please contact the originator of the message. Messages should include: information about the show, venue, times, dates and very important a contact name and email address. Any other information you want known should be included in the notice.

Messages should be sent only once
Please make sure that only one person from your group is sending the message out. Repetitive emails on the same event is the same as spam. An Audition notice, Start of Ticket Sales, and Show Opening are three separate events, three notices about auditions are not acceptable.

You must be part of the list
For an email to be forwarded to the Theatre List, you MUST be part of the list yourself. In addition, the email should relate to something that you are a part of, not just an email that you are passing along.

NO attachments
Messages with attachments will not be sent out. Attachments are too cumbersome and large, they also pose the risk of containing a virus. All messages must be typed within the email notice.

NO jokes, chain letters, or religious material
The Theatre List is for items related to Community Theatre. Please do not send any jokes, chain letters, or religious material.

Send your messages to:
Messages that meet the above rules should be sent to the Theatre List. We will try to forward messages within 48 hours.