The Mary Mink Story
Tuesday October 17th, 2017 - Saturday October 28th, 2017
This is the story of James Mink, a Canadian man of African descent living in Toronto in the 1840's who become quite affluent. He offers $10,000 to any white man who would marry his daughter, Mary. The story goes that a man married the daughter and took her to the states and sold her into slavery. But what really happened? Maria's play aims to tell the real story of Mary Mink.

The Motel Theatre @ Arts Commons
Tickets are $25 for adults and $20 for Students and Seniors

PWYC first Tueday, October 17

2 for 1 Sunday, October 21
Contact: Urban Stories Theatre
Helen Young
Phone: 4038310031
Details: Location: Arts Commons, Motel Theatre
Price: 20-25