Friday October 6th, 2017 - Saturday October 14th, 2017
Dr. Bennett's career is one dotted with disappointment, failure, and ridicule. But the shocking discovery of a living specimen of the legendary "mermaids of Lake Minnewanka" is certain to turn that career, and the entire scientific community, upside down. But as we witness the journey that led to the discovery, study, and the shocking revelation to the scientific world, we learn that lines drawn between science and ambition are as deep and dark as the waters of Lake Minnewanka itself. Chelsea Fawcett's "Jaan", directed by Dan Gibbins, is certain to tease, taunt, and entertain while leaving you desperate for answers that may never come.

This show contains; Adult Language, Disturbing sexual violence, Potential trigger warning
Contact: Scorpio Theatre
Daisy Pond
Phone: 403-615-5016
Email: dpond@scorpio.ca
Web: http://www.scorpio.ca
Details: Location: Joyce Doolittle Theatre - Pumphouse Theatre
Price: $19.00-$23.00, excluding taxes and fees